Expanding Your Car Dealership Through the Aftermarket


Car dealerships, both used and new, have their hands tied in daily business dealings that often leave little or no time to find new methods of business expansion. While the industry of selling, trading and buying cars, trucks and SUVs is indeed laborious, there are still ways you can find new revenue-building methods for your dealership. Going hand-in-hand with car sales are aftermarket components that consumers are purchasing at an increasing rate, and by converting your existing business into one that offers these products, your dealership can reach a much larger customer base.

By selling products like performance, styling and 12 volt upgrades, you create an atmosphere that marks your dealership as a local vendor for parts that typically are only available online. This adds buying appeal and can allow you to leverage your abilities when selling – especially if your service area offers installations. If you decide to go this route, you can appeal to shoppers looking to buy turn-key, customized vehicles that come with a warranty and the backing of the dealership’s “attention to detail.”

While the concept of selling and installing aftermarket parts at your dealership is attractive, it can be met with complications that can make the entire process not worth the effort. Not only will you have to develop a relationship with the aftermarket manufactures, you’ll have to train your sales and technical staff on how such products should be marketed and installed. Taking these obstacles into consideration, a smart solution that still allows the aftermarket to benefit your dealership is to partner with a dedicated, automotive customization franchise to become a co-brand, store-in-a-store concept.

By doing so, you can keep your existing complex, inventory and staff, while simultaneously benefiting from having highly trained aftermarket professionals work with your dealership. The concept lets you take full advantage of clout earned by a national aftermarket installer, giving you access to high-quality and sought after parts and accessories that can be installed properly in order to maintain and even boost your dealership’s reputation. As a co-branded dealership, you can also pre-build exciting, customized vehicles to be sold and leverage them in your marketing and on-site advertising.

Adding a trusted, nationally recognized aftermarket provider to your dealership is a great way to make your business stand out from the competition. To find out more about how to become a co-branded business, such as Tint World® Express dealership, contact us today!


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Building Revenue with Mobile Car Washing


Owning an automotive wash and detail complex means you provide a much needed service for your community, but could you be doing more? In order to maximize the billion dollar industry, or even break away from the norm, it’s important to find new ways to build revenue. One method to do so that is often overlooked is to take your services on the road. Enter, mobile car washing.

Mobile car washing, simply put, is taking the car wash to the people by using transportable equipment in an effort to take advantage of the time a vehicle spends sitting still at car parks, office complexes and other businesses. Mobile car washing services are appealing to consumers, employees and business owners as it can be leveraged as a luxury service.

While you may think you can try your hand at mobile car washing on your own, the reality is, it’s not that simple. Offering such a service requires a special amount of clout that typically can only come from a trusted, national name, such as Tint World®. Here are just a few advantages to be had from offering mobile car wash and detail services as part of an automotive customization franchise system:

  • Exclusivity: By offering mobile car wash services under a widely recognized brand name, you can gain exclusive service rights at certain businesses or complexes. These deals typically set aside dedicated parking spots specifically for the mobile wash and detail service – something business owners are sure to flaunt proudly.
  • Professionalism: Mobile car wash and detailing has a certain, high-class association, and in an effort to maximize the opportunity to land exclusive deals with your area businesses, you’ll need to present your offer with the utmost professionalism. By having the backing of a national brand, you can better your chances of earning extra revenue from your mobile services.
  • Customer Growth: When consumers return to their cars after shopping or from a long day’s work to find it shining as bright as the day it left the showroom, they’ll likely want to know who is behind the work. By having a mobile wash and detail service as part of your business, you can help drive more traffic to your brick-and-motor location in an effort to boost your customer base.

Offering mobile services is a great way to build extra revenue for your car wash and detail complex, but the jump isn’t meant for everyone. By becoming a Tint World® backed franchise owner, you can benefit your already established car wash complex by offering our valet car wash and detail services to area businesses while taking advantage of the power of a national brand. To find out more, contact Tint World® today!


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How to Boost Your Car Wash Sales


If you own a car wash business, becoming a Tint World® Automotive Styling Centers™ franchise owner and building an adjacent store could greatly benefit your sales figures. Tint World®’s established brand combined with your success and experience running a business are a perfect recipe for capturing sales and cornering the market as a one-stop shopping experience for automotive styling needs.

One reason that opening an adjacent Tint World® could increase sales at your car wash is the type of consumer that our automotive retail business attracts. Our customers are generally more interested in taking care of their vehicle’s appearance than the average person. When these customers come to Tint World® for various projects, the convenience of your car wash in close proximity is likely to attract them to that service, as well. You will not only benefit from their patronage at your Tint World® franchise, but also from your car wash.

Tint World® is known, among many other things, for our top-of-the-line auto detailing service. In fact, we have been the #1 auto detailing service center for over 30 years. Our reputation and expertise could be combined with your own, helping establish your car wash and Tint World® franchise location as the premier location in your area for complete auto detailing.

Opening an adjacent Tint World® franchise also provides you and your existing business with the added security that franchising brings. Franchises have a greater than 95% chance of being successful, compared to less than 20% for a non-established venture. Thanks to a combination of an established brand, group buying power and marketing support, an adjacent Tint World® franchise could be a tremendous investment for future success.

If you have any questions about opening a Tint World® franchise, visit our Tint World® franchise opportunities page today!


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3 Ways to Market your Window Tinting Business


One aspect of operating a business that many business owners find challenging and time-consuming is marketing. It can be nearly impossible to handle all of your day-to-day operations while also staying up-to-date on all of the new marketing trends. That’s one of the many reasons why opening a tinting franchise with Tint World® is appealing to so many people. Tint World®’s advanced marketing techniques are what make us a leading player among automotive retail franchises. Our franchisees are given unparalleled marketing support to separate their business from their competitors. This post will highlight three ways to market your window tinting business that Tint World® can assist with.

  1. Search Engine Optimization – It might be a widely-used term these days, but search engine optimization (SEO) is still not widely understood by many business owners. Put in relevant terms, SEO is the process to ensure that a company’s website appears as early and often as possible in a search engine’s results for searches related to that company or business. This can be a challenging process for a business owner, but Tint World® franchisees do not have to worry about it. We work for you to ensure our website appears frequently for relevant searches about window tinting. This means that when someone Googles “window tinting” in their area, Tint World®’s brand is well-represented, improving the chances that the searcher will decide on Tint World®  for their tinting needs, bringing your franchise traffic and sales.
  2. Branded Email Campaigns – A simple and effective way to reach your target audience is through branded email campaigns. This allows you to send your business’ message directly to the inbox of your customers and potential customers, increasing the likelihood that they will visit Tint World®’s website and then visit their local store. We design email campaigns for our franchisees, drawing interest to their stores without any effort on their part.
  3. Custom Website Content – Custom website content, such as blog posts, will not only increase your SEO and drive traffic to Tint World®’s site, but they also help position the brand and its employees as experts. For instance, a consumer interested in automotive window tinting might come across our post on customizing a vehicle and decide to go into their local Tint World® to learn more about their options. Our franchisees benefit from this content without lifting a finger.

If you are interested in becoming a Tint World® franchise owner, download our franchise kit today.


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4 Benefits of Becoming an Automotive Franchise Owner


The automotive customization industry is a $31 billion a year industry centered on modifying cars to improve performance and/or style. Consumers in this industry want their vehicle to look unique when they are on the road. This is a niche market, but its consumers are passionate and knowledgeable. Tapping into this market by opening an automotive franchise store could prove fruitful going forward, and we have highlighted four benefits below to consider.

  1. Passionate consumers – As briefly mentioned above, consumers within the automotive customization industry are incredibly passionate. They want their cars to both run better and look better than the typical factory-produced vehicle. They achieve this by purchasing aftermarket products and either installing them themselves or having a professional install them. These consumers are very knowledgeable about their cars, but also seek advice and recommendations for products and services. An owner of an automotive franchise could profit from this unique consumer group.
  2. Monetary potential – As we stated at the beginning, the automotive customization market is a $31 billion a year industry. A majority of those sales (57.5%) come from the sale of accessories and appearance products. This would include things such as audio systems and window tinting. What’s notable for potential franchise owners is that only 17% of all accessory sales are captured by dealerships. This leaves 83% of sales to be captured by businesses like Tint World® who can provide a variety of aftermarket products that aren’t available from a dealership. There are billions of dollars to be made in this industry, and it’s these aftermarket customization stores that are best positioned to fill consumers’ needs.
  3. Stability – During the recent recession, the automotive industry as a whole suffered greatly. Giants in the manufacturing business had to be bailed out by the federal government, and consumer confidence was incredibly low. However, the automotive restyling market remained relatively stable. While aftermarket performance sales suffered during the recession, consumers remained willing to personalize the appearance of their vehicles. This seems to suggest that automotive franchise owners, particularly those that provide customization, retained a good deal of their customers’ discretionary spending during this period, something that will only increase as the economy continues to recover.
  4. Franchise structure – Automotive franchises are best positioned to take advantage of these previously mentioned benefits in the industry. Tint World®, for example, boasts tremendous relationships with the top manufacturers and vendors in the industry. This allows us to tap into automotive retail markets with unbeatable prices. We are able to attract and keep an already existing and passionate customer base with these low prices. Our franchise owners are then able to benefit from higher profit margins than those found at a typical automotive center.

If you would like further information on Tint World® Automotive Styling Centers™ franchise opportunities, contact us today!


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Vendor Management: Selling Products You Install


Selling vendor products through your automotive service center is an obvious choice if you are looking for new ways to grow your business. Eliminating the need to manufacture the products you install saves both money and time and allows you to focus on keeping your installation services as high quality as possible. However, there are ways to make vendor management far simpler for many automotive service centers.

Vendor management can be one of the more time-consuming aspects of operating an automotive retail center (and most businesses in general). Researching your potential vendors, getting quotes and negotiating contracts can take you away from other aspects of your business and hamper your ability to ensure the services you are providing are as good as they could be. Any time spent discussing prices with a vendor is time that could be spent training your employees or working on ways to streamline your installation processes.

At Tint World®, we’ve eliminated these hassles for our franchise owners. As an owner, you don’t have to spend any of your valuable time seeking out vendors. Throughout our existence, Tint World® has fostered numerous relationships with some of the leading vendors in this industry to provide our franchise owners with only the finest products available on the market, keeping our customers satisfied and loyal. From Alpine to Katzkin to Oracle, we have tremendous relationships with the brands that are most desired in today’s marketplace. Our size and long-standing success also allows us to receive the best deals from our vendors, keeping the costs low for both our franchise owners and the car enthusiasts that come to their stores.

Tint World® understands how important vendor management is to a business’ success. We have made it our #1 priority to enhance franchise profit levels at the operating level, and handling the vendor management for our franchise owners is part of that. Our streamlined vendor management, combined with the size of our company, allows our franchise owners to reap the rewards of incredibly low supply costs without the typical time and effort required of non-franchise owners.

If you would like to learn more about converting your automotive service center into a Tint World® Automotive Styling Centers™ franchise, please visit our website or call 800-767-8468.


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Doing More with Your Window Tinting Business


While many automotive service centers offer car window tinting, few have expanded their business opportunities to provide additional window tinting services for homes or boats. If you’re tinting windows, not capitalizing on these additional tinting services can cost you profits and limit your customer base.

Window film and window tinting has low overhead costs and high profit margins. Through a relatively low investment on your part, you can enjoy these expansive opportunities on a much broader scale. While providing window tinting for automobiles may provide your business with a nice revenue, expanding the reach of your tinting service allows you to take full advantage of these margins.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, there are approximately 115 million homes in the United States, and, on average, those homes have 11 windows each – proving that the opportunity to expand your business is virtually unlimited. The broad range of window films offered for residential properties allows tinting franchises, such as Tint World®, to fill a variety of needs for a variety of homeowners. Residential window film installation should be a no-brainer for your business.

In addition to residential window tinting, marine window tinting is also a lucrative market. The U.S. Coast Guard most recently reported that there are 12 million registered recreational boats in the United States, and this number doesn’t include the millions more that are used for private enterprise. Again, limiting your business to just automotive tinting inhibits the growth of your customer base, capping your potential profit.

As a window tinting franchise, Tint World® has successfully served this broad market for years. Our unmatched buying power allows our franchise owners to purchase window tinting supplies at the absolute lowest prices, permitting them to keep profit margins high while providing services to a much larger customer base.

If you would like more information on expanding your window tinting business, contact Tint World® today at 800-767-8468.


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3 Reasons to Convert Your Service Station into a Franchise


If you’re a successful automotive service center owner looking for a way to improve your store’s performance, converting your service center into a Tint World® franchise can provide you with a better way to grow your business. The conversion will allow you to reap the rewards of an already proven franchise system without having to start from scratch and increase your profit margin and customer base.

Consider the following benefits of turning your existing business into a Tint World® franchise:

Group Buying Power – To put it simply, Tint World® is able to sell high-quality products at unbeatable, discounted prices. Throughout our company’s successful tenure, we have cultivated relationships with the top manufacturers and vendors in today’s marketplace. This allows our stores to keep prices low while simultaneously keeping your profit margins high. Converting your business to a Tint World® franchise can allow you to immediately gain this group buying power and see a quick return on your investment.

Exceptional Support – Tint World® franchisees enjoy corporate support in many areas of their business. As a franchisee, you’ll be provided with quality business consulting and operational support, helping your store function at its peak. You will also benefit from Tint World®’s comprehensive marketing campaign. Marketing a small business can be both challenging and time-consuming, taking your time and energy away from actual operations. Franchisees, however, have the advantage of Tint World®’s promotional materials, email campaigns and the latest in web marketing techniques including search engine optimization and video production. In addition, the Tint World® franchise system provides the latest technologies, trends, products and installation techniques available in the automotive and window film industry.

Expanded Customer Base – Tint World® offers a broader range of services than a typical service station. This allows you to create “one-stop-shop” to fill your customers’ needs.  Tint World® locations are divided into three departments (window tinting and window film, mobile electronics and accessories, detailing and reconditioning) to create multiple profit centers that allow franchisees to attract a larger customer base than the typical service center and keep these additional customers coming back.

Tint World® is dedicated to enhancing franchise profits at the operating level. In fact, it’s our #1 priority. We believe that converting your successful service center can increase your profits and simplify your business’ operations. For more information on converting to an Automotive Styling Centers™ franchise, please contact us today at 800-767-8468.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 10.52.40 AM

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Seven New Franchisees Join The Team



Tint World® is excited to announce the opening of seven new Tint World® locations in seven different states. This round of Tint World® openings introduces Tint World® to the states of Virginia and West Virginia, while other locations will be joining the family of established and successful franchise locations. The seven new locations are:

  • Duluth, Georgia
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Houston, Texas
  • Christiansburg, Virginia
  • Beckley, West Virginia
  • North Miami Beach, Florida
  • Morgan Hill, California

We look forward to eventually having a Tint World® in every state, and now we are just two states closer! The new store owners and franchisees will be participating in our rigorous 3-week training program which covers staff development, product knowledge, installation techniques, and business management.

With comprehensive training, advanced marketing programs, and ongoing operational and technical support from the corporate staff, new franchisees will be set up for success from the very beginning.

If you are interested in learning more about Tint World® Franchise, contact Franchise Director Anthony Foley at (800) 767-8468 for more information.

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Don’t take our word for it…


Tint World® has started 2015 off with more success stories and even more happy customers. But don’t just take our word for it, hear it from our franchisees!

In and effort to constantly improve and create a wonderful experience for the new team members and franchise owners, Tint World® has reached out to several franchisees about their personal experience owning their own Tint World®. The overwhelming positive responses were great confirmation that Tint World® is headed on the right path, staying true to the goal of making Tint World® one of the best franchises to own.

The list of satisfied Tint World® franchisees is growing with each new opening. To view each store owner’s testimonial video, click on one of the videos below or click here to view even more testimonials.

Watch the videos below to hear from some of our franchisees:

To view all of our franchisee testimonials, click here.

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